Walking The Marches – Invitation to Get Involved

Stirling’s annual Walking the Marches event takes place on Saturday the 25th May 2024 and organisers are calling on community groups and volunteers to take part.

The Walking of the Marches is an inclusive modern interpretation of a historic ceremonial celebration where officials from the Council, the Incorporated Trades and the Guildry walk around the city to inspect the boundaries and check they are intact and have not been encroached upon. The practice goes back to the 12th century.

900 years ago Stirling was one of the first Royal Burghs created in Scotland by King David I and a year of celebrations are planned across the area to mark this from April 2024-March 2025 with the Walking of the Marches a key event.

Community groups and organisations are being invited to take part in the event and organisers are also looking for volunteers to help on the day. 

Walking the Marches starts at 10.45am leaving from the rotunda at the bottom of King Street. Full information about the day and the route can be found here The Day – Walking the Marches | Stirling (stirlingwalkingthemarches.org)

Please note this is a non-political march.

For further information about taking part in Walking the Marches contact stirlingmarches@outlook.com 

To find out more about hosting an event as part of Stirling 900 visit Stirling 900 Anniversary — Scene StirlingA list of events taking place as part of Stirling 900 can be found here


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