Evolving Our Projects
& Services.

New projects we intend to develop and introduce during our second term 2022-2027.


Destination Marketing

We are focusing on enhancing Stirling's destination marketing initiatives to attract tourism and place Stirling firmly on the map for visitors.


We plan a calendar of events to help increase footfall and provide more opportunities for businesses to raise their profile.

Winter Lighting

We annually invest in Christmas lighting to enhance the City's atmosphere over the festive season.

Vacant Units Projects

We delivered a vacant units project called Street Stories and will work further to attract new tenants to City's vacant units and to enhance their appearance on the high street.

Business Awards

We launched business awards to celebrate Stirling's businesses, bring our community together and reward the work they do.


We'll be working with our stakeholders to improve the navigation around our the City Centre.

Green Interventions

We will work towards achieving net zero and help businesses on their way to reaching this target. Our city environment projects will also focus on increasing biodiversity and consider principles of circular economy.

Independent Stirling

We launched the Independent Stirling brand to promote Stirling's diverse scene of independent businesses, to celebrate the individuals who run them and to encourage people to shop local.

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