Go Forth Stirling BID Tackles Cigarette Waste in City Centre

smoking litter bin - campaign to tackle smoking litter in Stirling by Stirling Business Improvement District and Keep Britain Tidy

The Go Forth Stirling team has joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy to stamp out cigarette waste in the city.

The environmental charity has provided the BID (Business Improvement District) with sand-filled bins – displaying the message ‘Bin Your Butts Here’ – which have been distributed to eight licensed premises to help reduce smoking litter.

The move is part of a campaign aimed at tackling the UK’s largest source of litter – cigarette butts – which make up a massive 66% of all littered items. The charity’s research-based interventions have been shown to reduce cigarette litter by providing smokers with the right type of bin at the right time.

The Go Forth team were pleased to join the campaign which will help enhance Stirling’s overall appearance and make the city centre a more welcoming destination for businesses, shoppers and visitors. Danielle McRorie-Smith, Project Director at Go Forth Stirling, said: “The cleanliness and appearance of the city centre is often mentioned as a key concern of our business community and something we look to improve in a variety of ways. Helping Keep Britain Tidy by distributing bins to licensed premises in Stirling is a good way to tackle cigarette waste and the environmental damage it causes.”

According to the charity, nearly three million cigarette butts, which are made of plastic and do not biodegrade, are dropped every day creating environmental damage by breaking apart into microplastics and seeping toxins into the earth and waterways. The campaign aims to change smokers’ behaviour by encouraging them to use the galvanised steel bins which are now installed in various Stirling pubs and hotels including City Walls, King Cons, Molly Malones, Hotel Colessio and the Fubar nightclub.

The charity has provided each of the eight premises with a bucket bin, bin sticker, sand shovel and four bags of sand plus instructions on how to install and maintain the bucket bin. They hope the bins will lead to a significant reduction in cigarette litter. The charity’s research has found that smokers who litter cigarettes often justify their actions by saying there are not enough bins to dispose of cigarettes correctly and also believe there is a fire risk in using bins which aren’t specifically for cigarette disposal.

The new intervention directly targets this reasoning by saturating an area with ‘Bin Your Butts Here’ bins which are instantly recognisable as dedicated cigarette disposal bins, convenient and are easy to use. Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive, Allison Ogden Newton OBE, said: “We’re delighted that Go Forth Stirling has demonstrated a real commitment to tackling cigarette litter, which is the most prolific type of litter, by working with us on this project. Our researchers believe the bucket bins will be a simple but very effective disposal solution to reduce cigarette littering. They’re convenient and affordable. By putting a large number in a small area, we hope to show that by offering an easy and convenient solution for smokers that allows them to do the right thing with their butts, we can create a cleaner environment for everyone.”

Ms McRorie-Smith added: “One of our major areas of focus is to create a cleaner, greener and more inviting city centre with the goal of increasing footfall by bringing more visitors into Stirling. So, we are always keen to get involved in external initiatives such as this one and keen to play our part in helping charities and other national organisations at a local level.”

Go Forth Stirling is the city’s BID representing more than 600 business owners with a key objective of increasing visitors to the city and devising initiatives to help make it a more welcoming destination for businesses and shoppers. 
For more information, visit www.goforthstirling.co.uk


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