Meet Our New Street Ambassador

A New Ambassador joined our team. Meet Josie Brown.

Josie, 26, is an international student who is in the fourth year of her degree in History and Religion at the University of Stirling. She moved to Stirling from her home town in Washington State, USA in September 2019 and quickly fell in love with the city.


Josie Brown

She says: “I’ve had a great time in Stirling over the past three years and everyone has been very welcoming. “It’s a wonderful city and the ideal place to study Scottish history – I wanted the immersive experience of being in a small community and a historical town and being here has certainly given me that.”

Josie, who lives in the city centre, is an enthusiastic team member who worked at the Yankee Stores in the Thistles from November 2019 until it closed down earlier this year. She was keen to find a new job which would give her the chance to use her skills and demonstrate her passion for the community after being made redundant.

She was delighted to secure the role of BID Ambassador and has enjoyed her first few months in the role. Josie says: “Seeing Stirling city centre and the community of Stirling grow and thrive is really important to me especially after the difficulties of the last few years. I want to help make it a warm and welcoming place that people want to visit and am so pleased to have the chance to do my best to help with that.”

Josie’s role so far has included getting to know the city’s business owners and looking at promotional activities they can tap into to drive sales and footfall during the forthcoming Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival in September. She has also been helping visitors to the city with directions and information and even taking photographs for them.

She says: “Every day is an adventure which brings something new and I’m really enjoying the nAmbassador’s job so far. I’m developing my people skills by learning how to interact well with all the different business owners and listening to their feedback. And I enjoy being of service and offering a helping hand to visitors and tourists – whether that’s by helping someone lift a pram up some stairs or taking a photograph of them in the city. It’s great to be out and about getting to know the community better and looking at how we can all work together to make Stirling a better place.”

Go Forth Stirling has appointed Street Ambassadors to be our ‘eyes and ears’ in the city centre.

The team is out and about on the streets of Stirling six days a week where they help give tourists and visitors the best experience of the city possible and listen to the concerns of local businesses.

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