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This Sunday – Peaceful Demonstration for Ukraine

A group of students are organising a week of events around the crisis in Ukraine, raising awareness and funds (see more here).

We want to let you know that the culmination of the week will be a peaceful demonstration and fundraising, for humanitarian charities, in Port Street/The Roundel this Sunday 20 March – roughly 11am to 4pm.

The group will be doing a bake sale (for donations) but there can’t be any hot food, alcohol or anything requiring cold chain offered in the street so you might like to support the fundraising efforts with your offering.

Police, Licensing, and Environmental Health have all been consulted and are supportive. The group has volunteer stewards, first aiders and risk assessments at the ready.

Go Forth has compiled information about all the different support initiatives arranged by local organisations and individuals supporting Ukraine. This can be found on our website.
complete the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll list you there.

Send Us Your Mother’s Day Offers

Have you planned anything special for Mother’s Day that everyone should know about? Let us know what it is, we want to promote your business.

Go Forth Stirling Expands City Centre BID Zone

Those of you who attended our engagement meetings will know that we propose extending the Businss Improvement District zone to take in Cowane Street, Albert Place and Wallace Street bringing well-known local businesses Tesco and the Smith Art Gallery and Museum into the BID.

In our view, the city centre area doesn’t start at Barnton Street – it needs to take in the streets which people use when coming into the city and which are where they often receive their first impressions of Stirling. Cowane Street, for example, is a major tourist asset which houses the Cowane Centre and it is important for the area to be part of the BID and benefit from our efforts.

The same goes for the Smith Art Gallery and Museum which is why we are also extending the zone along Albert Place. It doesn’t work to focus on critical issues such as street lighting, cleanliness, safety and waste improvements if you then stop once you get to the end of Barnton Street.

You can view the proposed map of the BID zone area for term 2 here.

Read the full article here.

Business Engagement Survey Results

We’ve analysed our business engagement survey (thank you to all who took their time to share their opinions) and these are the results:

  • You want to see more organised events, better parking options and an improved city centre environment in a bid to attract extra visitors to Stirling.
  • Your major concerns are availability of affordable parking; the need for cleaner streets and the substantial number of vacant units.
  • It’s clear from the results that you are keen for us to continue with the lobbying we carry out on your behalf and are happy with our shopfront grants which you want us to keep providing.
  • The results also showed an appetite for more events, more diverse retail and hospitality options and extra city centre activities catering for different demographic groups.
  • You also indicated that you wish for a better atmosphere and greater sense of community which could be achieved by hosting events and via an improved city environment including cleaner streets, enhanced lighting, floral displays and outdoor seating.
  • Other proposals included more local business networking opportunities, the provision of a platform to allow business owners to meet with council representatives and the expansion of Go Forth’s free Wi-Fi initiative.

It’s also heartening to find that the majority of those surveyed plan to vote in favour of a second term for Go Forth Stirling.

Your feedback has helped us inform our new 2022-2027 business plan that will land in your businesses in May 2022.

Read the full article.

Business Engagement and Ballot 2022 Progress

We’re currently still in full business engagement mode prior to submitting our BID proposal to the government. We want to make sure that we’ve contacted all of you and you’ve all had a chance to have your say in our future plans.

If you haven’t attended any of our social meetings or our ‘Next Steps’ meeting in January, you can watch the recording here. Our Ballot 2022 webpage explains all you need to know about the ballot andexplains what the Stirling City Centre stands to lose if Go Forth isn’t here.

If we haven’t been in touch yet or you’d like to speak with us. We’re always on the other side of this e-mail address.

Danielle McRorie-Smith Appointed to British BIDs Advisory Board

Go Forth Stirling has become the first Scottish BID (Business Improvement District) to join the British BIDs Advisory Board.

Our Project Director Danielle McRorie-Smith has been appointed to the Board which is made up of industry leaders, property developers, national retailers and BID representatives.

The move gives Ms McRorie-Smith the opportunity to represent Stirling at a national level and help steer the future work of Britain’s 330 BIDs. She said: “I m able to participate with future strategies for Britain’s BIDs and propose ideas and priorities to support our business owners. It’s already proving to be an invaluable experience and being part of the networks of BIDs across the UK is a fantastic opportunity to share best practice, exchange ideas and gain support from BID colleagues across the country.”
Read the full article here.

Find the newsletter sent on Friday 18 March 2022 here.

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