Stirling BID Appoints Team of Street Ambassadors

A team of Ambassadors has taken to the streets of Stirling to provide a warm and informed welcome to visitors and promote the city centre.


The scheme, launched by Go Forth Stirling BID, sees Ambassadors patrolling the city to liaise with business owners and provide information and advice to visitors, residents and workers. The team of three will be the “eyes and ears” of the BID and report and monitor any environmental and anti-social behaviour issues they spot in the city.

Go Forth Stirling Project Director Danielle McRorie-Smith said: “We’re excited about this new project which will benefit business owners, residents and tourists alike and give everyone the best possible experience of Stirling.

Our three enthusiastic Ambassadors will be a physical presence in the city centre daily reporting back to me on any issues they encounter and doing their utmost to give help and information to visitors. They will help tourists get the most out of their visit to Stirling by providing details of cultural activities and events, tourist attractions and places to eat, drink and shop.

They’ll also be on hand to visit and support our 604 BID businesses and keep them up to date on our initiatives and projects while taking note of any concerns they may have or help they need.

Our Ambassadors will also be on the lookout for any adverse issues such as littering, faulty streetlights or graffiti; assisting with crime prevention and making sure environmental problems are reported to the relevant authorities.”

Three Ambassadors, Gail Lamb, Michelle Mahon and Mi-Chu Ko, will cover Stirling city centre working in teams of two for eight hours a day from Tuesday to Sunday – plus seven days a week during school holidays.

They started work on Wednesday September 15 and are distinctive in their teal jackets featuring the words ‘I’m Here to Help You’ on the back.

Former tour guide Michelle was keen to start her new role. She said: “I love being able to add a little bit of magic to someone’s day and being a BID Ambassador gives me the chance to do that. I’m super excited about having the chance to help people and offer advice in whatever situation it is needed and I feel that this job is going to make a real difference to Stirling.”

Mi-Chu, a Marketing student at the University of Stirling, and Gail, a former midwife and tourism business owner, are also keen to make the streets of Stirling a more welcoming place.

Mi-Chu said: “I am really interested in Stirling and the lives of residents here – I know the city well and am aware of the problems we encounter as residents such as issues around bins not being emptied on time. I look forward to being able to help make Stirling a better place to live, work and visit.”

Gail added: “I enjoy engaging with people and meeting people from different cultures so I was thrilled to bits to be selected for this job. It’s also great to be part of a team doing work which is both stimulating and important.”

The Ambassadors’ programme is funded by the COVID-19 BID Recovery and Development Fund (BRDF).

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