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Go Forth Stirling has appointed three Street Ambassadors to be their ‘eyes and ears’ in the city centre. The team will be out and about on the streets of Stirling six days a week where they will help give tourists and visitors the best experience of the city possible and listen to the concerns of local businesses.

They’ll also keep an eye on issues such as anti-social behaviour and littering. Here are the friendly team who will be providing a warm welcome to Stirling’s visitors and residents:


Gail is a Stirling native who attended the local high school before training to become a midwife. She later emigrated to Western Australia where she was employed in healthcare and met Gordon Lamb – who owned and operated a trail-riding tourism business.


The couple worked together running a successful accredited tourism attraction involving camel and horse riding, as well as farm-stay accommodation, for many years. A couple of years ago, Gail returned to Stirling where her father still lives in the family home. Gail was keen to find a stimulating and active job and was delighted to secure the role of BID Ambassador.

She says: “I was looking for something which was a bit different and the role of Street Ambassador seemed perfect for me. I like being outside in the fresh air and doing something physical and I really do enjoy engaging with people and meeting people from different cultures so I was thrilled to bits to be selected.”

Gail, whose father is steeped in the history of Stirling and has told her many old stories about the city, is looking forward to getting to know her hometown again and immersing herself in its culture and heritage. And she is keen to help others have a great experience of our wonderful city.

She says: “I thrive on talking to people and helping them – that’s endemic in my work history both in healthcare as a midwife and in our tourism business where we were helping people have a fantastic horse-riding experience. I’m really looking forward to being out on the streets and meeting new people and business owners. It’s also great to be part of a team doing work which is both stimulating and important.”


Michelle, is originally from the Highlands and now lives in Clackmannan. She has worked in the tourism industry as a tour guide for the majority of her career and thrives on ensuring people have the opportunity to make the most of their day-to-day experiences.


She says: “I love being able to add a little bit of magic to someone’s day and I think being a BID Ambassador will give me the chance to do that. Michelle started working in tourism in 1998 travelling around Scotland on tours and was also employed at the Youth Hostels Association on Skye.”

A few years ago, she decided to settle down and moved to Clackmannan where she worked for a local company driving school buses. She says: “My jobs have always been tourism orientated but I decided I needed a different direction. I’d been looking for something else and when the BID Ambassador job was advertised, I knew it was perfect for me.

I really like people and when I worked for the YHA on Skye I was always at the front desk helping people by listening to what they wanted to do and trying to add something to their experience. I’m super excited to be able to do this in my new role and am looking forward to helping people and offering advice in whatever situation is needed.”

Michelle is also keen to get to know Stirling, its people and its businesses better. She says: “I feel that this job is going to make a real difference to Stirling and it’s important to me to do a job where I can make a difference. I’m keen to get to know the people and the city better and to make connections here – I’m already falling in love with Stirling and that’s really exciting to me.”

Marketing student Mi-Chu, is originally from Burma but moved to London with her family at the age of six and now lives in Stirling. She is a fourth-year student at the University of Stirling as well as working part-time as a model and Influencer. Having lived in Stirling city centre for the past couple of years, Mi-Chu is passionate about issues which affect residents such as littering and bins not being emptied on time. She is keen to help highlight such problems so the BID can resolve them and is excited to promote the city she loves to a wider audience.


She says: “I’m really interested in Stirling and the lives of residents here – I know the city very well and am aware of the problems we encounter such as the big issues around bins not being emptied on time. I look forward to being able to help make Stirling a better place to live, work and visit.”

Mi-Chu will mainly cover weekends as a Bid Street Ambassador so she can fit the job around her Marketing degree studies. She says: “I was looking for a part-time job and when this role came up, I just felt it was perfectly aligned to me. I enjoy chatting to people and have good local knowledge about Stirling’s cafes, bars, shops and so on from living here. I also know quite a few local business owners already as I am out and about in the city’s venues a lot and it will be great to get to know more of them and to listen to their concerns and issues. The job is everything I want really and I’m excited to get started.”


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