Stirling Street Stories: Meet the Artist – Roisin Mackenzie

Roisin Mackenzie is an abstract and fluid artist whose talent for painting flourished during the first lockdown.


Roisin Mackenzie

Credit: Focas Media

The 39-year-old mum of two began painting as a hobby and “creative release” last April after joining an online art group. She focused on and fell in love with fluid art and now works daily on bespoke pieces which are inspired by the colours she sees around her in everyday life including the sky, bodies of water and flowers.

Roisin, whose name is Gaelic for Little Rose, was born and raised in Raploch where her family still live and much of her work is inspired by water particularly the River Forth. She grew up close to the river and has many childhood memories of playing in the local park close to its banks.

Roisin thought artworks representing the flow of the river as it weaves its way through Stirling would be perfect for the Street Stories project and was delighted when three of her pieces were selected to take pride of place in the city’s former BHS store.

She says: “I’m so happy to be involved in Street Stories and being such a new artist really didn’t expect to be chosen so this is a great achievement for me and I’m so excited to see all the artworks come together. When I first read about the project and decided to enter my art, I thought it was a great idea that would make Stirling look much prettier and be good for getting more footfall through the city. I knew straightaway that I would love to take part.”

Roisin, who lives in Denny with her partner and two young children, has always had a creative streak and over the years occasionally dabbled in painting and drawing. But it was during lockdown, while furloughed from her job as a travel agent, that her flair for art really took off.

She says: “I joined an Art Group on Facebook and there was daily prompt to work and I did it as a creative release mostly once the children had gone to bed. I focused on painting and really got into it – I started to research fluid art and fell in love with it and started experimenting. Although I’ve always had art in my life, this new passion came out of nowhere really and now I’m painting every day and have even been able to set up my own business.”

Roisin launched her business, Little Rose Arts, last July and has since sold more than 40 fluid and abstract art paintings. Her colourful works, which can be viewed on her website, include river and seascapes and Roisin also takes commissions.

Her Street Stories artworks tell the stories of the trade and transportation Stirling’s River Forth has experienced throughout its history. The first BHS window features a black and white piece which represents the river during the 16th and 17th century when it was a hub for trading and exporting while the second introduce touches of colour which symbolise the river during the two World Wars. Finally, Roisin’s third full colour painting embodies the river today and highlights the regeneration and growth which is happening in Stirling.

Roisin says: “I’m an Aquarius and have always loved being beside the water – I think it has a really calming effect. I grew up beside the River Forth and it symbolises Stirling for me which is why I wanted to use it for Street Stories with the idea of the Forth weaving its way through Stirling.”

 More details about Roisin and her artwork can be found on her social media pages – and

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