First newsletter of 2021

Belated Happy New Year to all of you!
We know it hasn’t started as well as anyone would have liked but hopefully, the end is in sight.

In this newsletter, we direct you to the latest information, business support available, promotional opportunities and updates on the BID’s initiatives.

Top Up Grant

A significant top-up to the grant support available for hospitality, retail and leisure businesses across Scotland closed by level 4 restrictions were announced on 11 Jan 2021.

In addition to the grants businesses receive through the Strategic Business Framework Fund, eligible businesses will also get a one-off grant of:

  • £25,000 for larger (RV of £51,001 or more) hospitality businesses on top of the 4-weekly £3,000
  • £6,000 for smaller (RV of up to and including £51,000) hospitality businesses on top of the 4-weekly £2,000
  • £9,000 for larger retail and leisure businesses on top of the 4-weekly £3,000
  • £6,000 for smaller (RV of up to and including £51,000) retail and leisure businesses on top of the 4-weekly £2,000

*RV – Rateable value

For the majority, this top-up will be combined with the next tranche of payment for the Strategic Framework Business Fund due to go to businesses on 25 January. (You do not need to reapply if you

To find more information about the Strategic Framework Business Fund, please visit Stirling Council’s website. For other information about new and existing sources of information and financial support from a variety of sources, please visit

£185m of sector support

A new package of business support worth £185 million will be made available in the new year and will target specific sectors. More details about this support, including how to apply, will be announced in the coming weeks. You can find more information here

Further Measures Announced

Further measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and limit non-essential contact will be introduced this weekend.

Subject to approval by the Scottish parliament, the rules are:

  • Click and collect services limited to essential shopping such as clothing, baby equipment and books.
  • Customers are no longer allowed to collect takeaways from inside restaurants – food must be handed over through a hatch or doorway.
  • It is now against the law to drink alcohol outside in public in all level 4 areas.
  • Statutory guidance on working from home – anyone who worked from home during first lockdown should do so again.
  • Working within homes now limited to the essential upkeep, maintenance or functioning of the home, by law.
  • Scots may only leave home for essential purposes – and may not stay out for other purposes afterwards.

Visit for more information.

Business Checks, Business Directory Update

Business Checks

Twice a week, we use our portion of outdoor exercise to walk around the Business Improvement District. We check to see that there has not been any damage to any of the businesses and report any other on-street issues.

If you’d like us to check on your business specifically, please let us know.

We’ll be out and about again tomorrow morning.

Business Directory

As you know, there is a directory of businesses that continue trading despite the current restrictions in place on our website. We have been working to make it up to date but please if any of the information is not accurate, do let us know.

We’d also suggest that you do not stop posting on your social media even if you’re not open for business – keep your customers informed.

Now is a good time to have a good look at your profiles and check that all of the information is up to date.

Lastly, we are happy to promote or share your content via our social media channels so please tag @GoForthStirling in your posts and if you need advice, we’re more than happy to offer it.

Why Not Review Your Utility, Water and Telecoms Provider

Make sure that you’re not paying more for your utilities, water and telecoms than you need to.

We have engaged eyebright utilities to work with businesses in the BID zone to secure the best costs for utilities, water and telecoms.

You can learn more about what they offer on our website and if you’d like to contact them immediately, please contact or our Eyebright consultant, Callum Brooker directly via 07590627562 or

News from Stirling and Our Partners 

Stirlingshire Business Champions!

The Stirlingshire Business Champions are open to all businesses locally with less than 50 employees. The awards are open to all types of businesses whether you are an independent coffee shop, accountancy firm or a digital marketing agency these awards are for you!

It’s all about your story! Tell the judges why you are the best in your area and why your idea is great? Perhaps you support the local community or you’re a family business that’s been in your town/county for generations?

It only takes a couple of hours to complete an entry and is a great way to promote your business within your local community.

To find out more about how to enter these local awards please visit or call our Awards Team on 01908 542720.

Free Promotional Opportunity by Stirling Albion Football Club

Stirling Albion Football Club knows that 2020 was an incredibly difficult year for our High Street and that is why they would like to support it.

As the Football Club is celebrating its 75th Anniversary, it has approached us with a generous offer to promote and advertise any of the businesses located in the Business Improvement District for the remainder of the season free of charge.

This is an excellent opportunity for your business to get noticed by local clientele when the season resumes.

If you’re interested in this amazing opportunity, please e-mail Colin and Donna with your request. Please also include any information about special offers for fans of the FC that you’d offer as they will be prioritised.

You can access the full newsletter sent on 14/01/2021 here.

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