Important Update for Commercial Waste Collections!

In 2019, Go Forth Stirling, which runs the city’s Business Improvement District (BID), launched a commercial waste management audit to support Stirling Council by reviewing City Centre commercial collections. Stirling business owners were surveyed about their waste collections in a bid to create cleaner and more inviting city streets.

75 City centre businesses were involved in the survey and were able to discuss their experience of the waste collection system run by Stirling Council.

Go Forth Stirling Project Manager Danielle McRorie-Smith said: “Go Forth engaged directly with business owners about their waste collection habits and the service they receive.

The aim was to gather information about the volume and content of waste which is collected, identify any preferred collection times and find out the kind of containers business people prefer. We also discussed challenges premises faced in terms of storing waste or other issues.

Throughout the process, useful data was collated and presented to Stirling Council officials to ensure commercial bins are on the streets for the minimum time possible. The survey explored how companies and the Council can make their processes more efficient.

Together, Go Forth and Stirling Council have invested a great deal of time and effort preparing a solution designed to create a greener, cleaner and more inviting city centre which will help increase footfall by bringing more people into Stirling. The procedure also assists with social distancing measures.

Both Council and Private Customers are now required to arrange specific collection times with their operator within two fixed time frames daily:

Between the morning hours of 0730 and 1100 and evening hours of 1700 and 2200.

All waste containers should be removed from streets out with these timeframes. Enforcement staff will issue reminders at this stage and will allow a period of adjustment to allow for further engagement with businesses facing challenges. Private commercial waste contractors have been consulted and it is their responsibility to arrange collection with each business within the times stipulated.

The full waste report can be accessed at

If any premises have concerns or require support, please contact

We plea to all Stirling businesses to do their best to remove bins from streets as soon as they have been emptied and adhere to the windows where possible, for the benefit of a more attractive Stirling City Centre.

We respectfully request that 2m social distancing is catered to and no pedestrian access or footpaths are obstructed wherever possible.


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