Operation Steadfast


Go Forth Stirling have partnered with Stirling Council and Police Scotland to deliver an initiative aimed at keeping people safe over the summer in the City Centre. 

Operation Steadfast officially launched 28 June and will run seven days a week until 18 August.  

Its aims for summer 2019 are to help: Reduce proxy sales of alcohol; reduce crime and antisocial behaviour; improve community safety; protect children and vulnerable people from harm; and improve the quality of life of people living in and visiting Stirling 

Similar to previous versions of the Operation, a Mobile Police Unit will be situated on Friars Street to increase the police presence in the city centre. 

Figures reported after last year’s Steadfast Summer showed a reduction in victim reported crime, violent crime and theft by shoplifting, while pro-active police captures increased by more than 80 per cent. 

Andrew Mitchell, Chair, Go Forth Stirling comments: “Operation Steadfast was a huge success last year with very clear benefits to the businesses represented by Go Forth Stirling. We are pleased to be able to support Steadfast this year and look forward to working with BID members and partner organisations to ensure that Stirling city centre is a safe space for the people who live in and visit Stirling.” 


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