Go Forth Stirling Offers Assistance to Flood Affected Businesses

Monday evening’s flash flood was unprecedented; estimates are that half of an average month’s rainfall was deposited in two hours. This had an immediate effect on many properties within the BID area.

The Go Forth Stirling team visited and spoke with 100+ shops and businesses on Tuesday to assess the levels of damage to property and stock and the likely impact to individual businesses ability to trade. A significant number of businesses have been affected; a few have suffered intense damage which will take weeks or months to repair, others had to close for part or all of Tuesday, several have remained open but have repairs to be made, many have lost some or all stock.

As well as telling the Go Forth team about the effect the freak weather had on their business, traders also spoke about issues related to business resilience and infrastructure preparedness. Go Forth will be speaking with statutory authorities about those large, long term issues.

For independent traders the floods are a particular blow and come at a time when they should be readying themselves for the busy summer season. The Go Forth Stirling Board have taken the view that the number of businesses affected by the rainfall on Monday night, combined with the timing – right at the start of the summer season creates a unique circumstance that has an impact on the city centre as a whole. They have therefore taken the decision to offer those affected an ex-gratia payment to a maximum of £300 to assist with costs.

In order to qualify for the payment businesses will need to:

  • Be a business operating within the Go Forth Stirling BID area

  • Tell Go Forth Stirling what damage was incurred, providing photographs where available

  • Let Go Forth Stirling know what costs are likely to be incurred, providing receipts or estimates of cost from suppliers and/or tradesmen

  • Let Go Forth Stirling know what excess is to be paid on any insurance claim

As well as offering this urgent payment, businesses are being encouraged to consider the Go Forth Shop Front Improvement scheme for any front of building repairs that are needed as a result of flood damage.


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