First Ever Newsletter to BID Members

The Go Forth Stirling BID is funded and managed by the eligible businesses within the city centre. The structure of the BID is a simple one:

• Limited company formed to manage the levy revenue.
• Board of directors appointed to manage BID company.
• BID manager appointed by board of directors.
• The board and BID manager ensure the initiatives within the Go Forth Business Plan are delivered.

It is best practice and recommended by BIDs Scotland to have at least 12 people on the board of directors. The board is made up by representatives from eligible businesses; those that pay the levy. The Steering Group who have successfully managed Go Forth through to the Yes vote are now the ‘interim board,’ it is there role to appoint the final board of directors and manage any other administrative tasks. Interested parties wishing to put themselves forward to join the board of directors are invited to complete the form overleaf and return it as soon as possible. If you think you have got what it takes to be a proactive director, apply today!

Application Form is within PDF download, scroll to the bottom of this post.

What is Go Forth focussing on now?

Kerse Road Bridge – Closure
Whilst visiting businesses throughout the voting period there was one issue that kept getting discussed, the extended closure of the Kerse road bridge to allow for railway electrification works by Network Rail. The Go Forth interim board will be making representation to Stirling Council and Network Rail on behalf of the city centre businesses, with the aim of reducing the overall timetable of the closure.

The bridge is used by over 20,000 vehicles everyday. The recent closure to allow Network Rail to survey the bridge and surrounding area resulted in many parts of the city centre grinding to a halt at busy times. In addition areas such as Braehead and Riverside saw a spike in through traffic. The increase in traffic also caused longer queues at the Old Bridge roundabout, Causewayhead and Alloa road.

Whilst the electrification of the railway is a welcome enhancement for Stirling’s rail users the works required to achieve this should not have an overly detrimental affect on the city’s businesses. It is important that in any situation of claiming compensation, businesses can prove business affect and damage, so please keep accurate records.

The Go Forth interim board will be seeking an alternative plan from Network Rail that reduces the timetable of the closure and provides better diversions for vehicle users. If you would like to share your thoughts please get in touch, updates will be provided via the Go Forth website.

Local Authority Collaboration
Stirling Council has established a ‘Place Management’ team within the Economic Development department; charged with supporting and stimulating sustainable, economic growth in Stirling city centre and town centres across the district. Go Forth will be working closely with this team to ensure the city centre businesses are represented and involved with decision making.

The Place Management team organised a recent city centre ‘action group’ which will be an additional means of communication for city centre businesses to Stirling Council’s departments. Go Forth have representation in this group and will continue to work closely with the local authority to avoid any duplication of initiatives and deliver the business plan; all being additional goals to local authority statutory services.

The implementation of this department is seen as a positive step by the BID Steering Group. It should allow for a more collaborative relationship between the local authority and other city centre stakeholders.

Company Setup
The interim BID board made up of the Steering Group members are currently setting up the BID limited company and making all the preparations required to formally establish Go Forth Stirling Business Improvement District.

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