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The Go Forth Steering Group have been visiting businesses across the city centre, to make them aware of the publication of the final Business Plan for Stirling’s proposed Business Improvement District; the Plan will be posted to businesses this week along with ballot papers.

Overall the conversations have been positive and it would appear that many of the objections towards the first BID attempt have been resolved. The majority of businesses visited so far are supporting the initiatives within the Plan.

Go Forth Group Buy
One proposal receiving very positive feedback is the group buying scheme for businesses within the city centre. The Go Forth steering group were determined to introduce initiatives that could enable levy payers to recoup the cost of their annual levy. There is already a trial scheme in place to help businesses reduce their card payment processing charges; participants have seen savings of up to 70%!

£100,000 annual card transactions
0.5% reduction in processing fees
£500 per annum saving

The success of the Group Buy scheme will depend on businesses participating and helping form a large collective; having the numbers will create the buying power to deliver savings. The steering group have identified the following areas that would be included for tender under the Go Forth Group Buy scheme:

Card Payment Services
Gas and Electricity
Waste Collection

Vice Chair of Go Forth Andrew Mitchell said ‘We aim to return as much of the levy cost back to the BID businesses through added value services and tangible savings. The Group Buy scheme is a great opportunity for us to deliver on this aim. It is well recognised that big buying power gets the biggest savings; the BID businesses spend a lot of money on key services and we know we can help reduce those costs. For some businesses the savings will equate to more than their annual levy costs, so it’s a great initiative.’

The steering group are urging all businesses to read the Business Plan in full and see how they can benefit. They want everybody to use their vote to maximise voter turnout. 

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