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The first stage of consultation with local independents, to see if Stirling City Centre’s businesses want a Business Improvement District has been completed by Go Forth Stirling. The survey was presented in person to over 170 affected businesses, with 148 taking part and completing the short series of questions. 

It has produced some interesting findings, the chairman of the steering group behind the campaign Peter Betts, Debenhams Store Manager, said ‘Eighty percent of the companies who completed our stage one survey have all expressed an interest to work more closely with other city centre businesses, which is very encouraging.’ 

He added ‘A Business Improvement District can only be created and go on to thrive with the backing of the majority of those affected, so we are pleased that so many people have expressed a desire to work together.’

A misconception expressed by some of those business surveyed is that the proposed Business Improvement District is a council led initiative and will allow the local authority to reduce services to businesses and the city centre. This is not the case, all of the initiatives provided by a Business Improvement District are additional ones that the have been proposed by the businesses themselves.

The steering group are now moving into the second stage of consultation, this will start with a series of local cluster meetings within each individual area of the city centre. The intention is to have an open forum where businesses can express the needs and desires for their area. The owner of Crema cafe and member of the steering group Alan Rodgers said ‘We have needs on Murray Place that will be quite different to those people in a different part of the city centre. Having just opened our second site within The Stirling Arcade I know how true this is for us. The location of our new cafe definitely has requirements that differ from Crema on Murray Place’.

The steering group will be contacting businesses over the next two weeks and inviting them to attend their local cluster meeting to share their thoughts and experiences. There is still an opportunity to join the steering group and play a part in shaping the BID. Interested parties are invited to make contact with any of the committee members directly or at the upcoming cluster meetings.

Meeting Dates, Times and Locations
16:00 drop in anytime
17:45 to 18:30 group meeting

6th September – Friar Street area
Sable and Flea Coffee Shop

7th September – Murray Place & King Street
Crema Coffee Shop

13th September – Port Street & Upper Craigs
Kilted Kangeroo

14th September – Barton Street area
La Ciociara restaurant

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